Pastor Fredy Timothy



familyPraised to be God .. I’m Fredy Timothy- pastor in ACA Church – Kamaraj Nagar .. My father is a pastor .. My mother is a pastor’s daughter .. When my mother was conceived for the second time, God gave his word to my mom that he will give her a male child and he’s gonna use him mightily in Gods ministry .. Until nine months, my mom was normal ..

During delivery time, there was no movement in my mother’s womb .. She felt, like she was carrying a big stone in her womb .. So, she went to consultant the doctor regarding the issue .. Doctor examined my mother and said, that the position of the child has changed and she has got to be operated immediately .. The doctor said the nurse to make all the arrangements for the operation and left as he had another urgent work .. My mother’s mom was crying out loud in vain to the Lord ..

At that instant, a husky voice whispered in my mom’s ears telling “I will make you see a miracle” .. Suddenly, my mom felt the presence of a hand touching her stomach .. All of a sudden, the position of the baby was back to normal .. She delivered the baby without undergoing any operation even without the presence of a doctor ..

The doctor now came back to the clinic and asked the nurse whether everything is ready .. The nurse told the doctor that the baby has already been born .. The doctor was shocked to hear the miracle .. Hence, my Mom named me as FREDY ATISAYA RAJ .. And, As God promised, he is using me mightily in his ministries

With My Parents & Sister


With My Family