Tips for Healthy Prayer Life

Tips for Healthy Prayer Life

Come before the Lord, with a simple and open heart without any reservation Our prayer should always match with God’s intension and heart’s desire

Choose a specific time every day (early morning is good) – Mark 1:35
Choose a specific place – Luke 5:16
Pray out loud (to avoid the distraction). Sometimes God leads in a silent way.
Keep a note pad to write and Bible to refer when the Lord tells something
Keep a prayer journal (list of church ministries/leaders/countries/names of friends/relatives) and Notebook (write the specific prayer request and track the answers)

Personal Prayer time

Start the prayer with praising (Exalt His names)
Submit/surrender yourself for God’s leading (confession for cleansing)
Praise again and start to pray (according to God’s leading)
We can pray for churches/ministries/leaders. Then we can pray for rulers/nations. Then for friends/relatives/families and end with personal needs.
End with thanking God for listening/answering our prayers

If we are open to the Lord, when it comes to intercession,
He initiates the prayer in us and leads the prayer inside of us.
He reminds people/ministries/countries name (sometimes in more specific way).
When we pray through Him – it will be according to His heart desire and brings
deliverance/revival/transformation and restoration.

Healthy Prayer Life

To have a healthy prayer life there are certain crucial facts that one should exercise.

Should have an Intimate Relationship
Prayer should not be a ritual or a religious activity. It is an abiding and intimate relationship with our loving God. Being open and willing to show all of your heart gives way to intimacy. We should also be a person who listens to the deepest heart desire of God just like Abraham. So when coming to pray- one should pray to know the heart of God and to be known by God.
Should acknowledge God’s power and Greatness
One who prays should have the complete realization of God’s power and His greatness. This realization makes the person to have unwavering faith to trust in His words and a humble heart that the Lord desires. So as you approach the Lord in prayer acknowledge His greatness and your total dependence

Should have a pure heart
Psalm 139:23 says, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts” We should ask the Lord to show us our condition, shortcomings and motive. If you have any wounds or hurts, allow the Lord to heal them first and forgive before you continue with prayer. Pray out of a pure heart; don’t pray in bitterness, anger and judgment.
Should not have any assumption or presumption
Two things that hinder one’s prayer from being answered are presumption and/or assumption. Both usually come because of selfishness and/or pride. Misapplication of God’s Word can be another reason.

Should learn to listen.
Don’t just “dump” on God (with to do list), listen to Him. Be quiet. Learn to listen to the Holy Spirit while praying. He knows more about prayer and each situation than anyone else.

Should learn the wisdom of persistence and patience.
God’s timing play an important role in an answered prayer.
Expect a great thing after you prayer — prayer involves response/action
Should give God the glory for every answered payer


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